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Vampire Rhys

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Alternate universe journal for sleight_of_fate.


Rhys was a hunter and a healer, dedicated to finding and dealing with dangerous supernatural beings...until he became one. Maybe the vampire just got careless or maybe he was curious to see what would happen when he bit and turned a human with incubus blood, but either way, Rhys was changed. No longer part of fate's wheel, Rhys fell into the shadows between life and death, forever removed from the cycle of life.


Rhys is a lean but solid-looking young man with waist-length black hair pulled back in a ponytail, exposing the shaved back and sides of his head and multiple silver earrings. He's perhaps five-ten and usually dressed in casual, tough industrial-style clothes, including a battered, long black canvas duster that smells of the vanilla-herbal cigarettes he smokes.

Though...that's where the normal ends. Dead pale, his irises glint a low, dull crimson and when he smiles, it exposes canines too sharp and fine to be human. Heavy black tribal tattoos cover both arms completely from shoulder to wrist in swirling, thorny patterns, stark against his white skin, and there's an air of feral magnetism to him as he moves, an unnaturally fluid grace. Stare too long, and it's easy to be pulled in...



- Mostly a nice guy for a bloodsucking fiend from beyond the grave, really.
- Pale skin, red eyes, fangs that don't retract all the way. Slightly cool to the touch, but not freezing. Sunlight makes him weak and grumpy as hell, but no bursting into flames. And no, he doesn't sparkle, either.
- Can't live long on animal or bagged blood. He needs to take human blood right from the source to survive, though he doesn't need to kill for it.
- Very strong trance ability, though he does his best not to be a dick about it. He mostly only uses it to make feeding a pleasant experience for whoever he's taking blood from.

Muse and Mun both well over 21. Colin Farrell used for visual purposes only and without permission.
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