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- Pale skin, red irises, very delicate, sharp incisors that extend when he's hungry or angry, but never retract completely. He runs a couple of degrees cooler than human, but he warms up and flushes when he's fed recently. No heartbeat and only breathes when he remembers to, to speak or scent.

- Has lost all his innate magical abilities because he no longer has the life force to power them. The only magic he can work now is knowledge-based or the natural abilities he's gotten after being bitten. His tattoos are now inert- just ink with no magic to power them.

- Superhuman strength and speed, enhanced senses, though he's not as strong as some other breeds of supernatural. Heals most wounds extremely quickly except for decapitation, fire, and a nasty allergy to ashwood. Silver, holy objects, and running water don't bother him, though he's a lousy swimmer due to being denser than human. He can walk into a house without an invitation.

- Can stay awake during the day, but sunlight renders him sick and nearly comatose. He can function, but only barely, so he prefers to sleep, or at least hide from the sun.

- Needs to take blood from living human prey. Bagged blood and animal blood won't sustain him for very long because he requires the psychic/emotional component of feeding along with the blood itself. However, he doesn't need to kill his victims.

- Turning into a mist/shapeshifting? Folklore.

- The hypnotic gaze is absolutely true, however. Rhys is also empathic, and thanks to his bloodline, his trance capabilities are extremely powerful. Between this and the enzymes in his saliva, his bite can be extremely pleasurable- he tries to make taking blood a comfortable, pleasurable experience and usually does a pretty good job of it, only taking from willing donors and leaving them with a somewhat blurry but pleasant memory of the handsome stranger they went home with the previous night.

- Yes, he can still have sex.


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